16 Jan 2007

Saving Money

Following on from my readings in The Money Tree book, I spotted this post, which covers much of the same ground. Nothing too groundbreaking, but having it all there in black and white certainly kicked started me into action and I have now drawn up a plan to rid myself of "bad" debt. The trick is not to be unrealistic and set yourself a personal debt free day that is acheivable with the surplus income you have each month. It might take longer than you would like, but at least with the plan in place you will not be disheartened when the debt doesn't get paid off after a couple of months.

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bluntmoney said...

Hi, I noticed your comment on the article you refer to here about the TV show in the UK about being thrifty. I was wondering if you could let me know what the name of that show is? (Maybe Netflix has it or will have it...)

Phillip said...

Firstly, thanks for leaving a comment. The show is called Pay off your mortgage in 2 years. Its a BBC production and has a book to go with the series


Its not currently running over here in the UK (they are doing a few re-visited episodes), but you might be able to get it somewhere.

Hope this is helpful