17 Jan 2007

Remember the Milk

My next big post is going to be about the tools that I am currently using in my system. I was drawn, however to this post about using Remember the milk. I use remember the milk to record a number of lists, mainly @calls & @PC lists from my GTD system.

The reason I chose these lists inparticular is that if I'm looking for things to do on the PC, I'll likely be online so I can check items on RTM. Since the integration of RTM in GoogleCalendar I've also set up some repeat lists (mainly to jog my memory to pay bills etc for the new business). I also have a wishlist for products, books, movies, music that I need to have.

I feel that I'm not utilising RTM fully. One of the tips from the original post (below) suggest using tags to the items as the GTD identifier @calls etc - I can see that working as RTM enables you to view a single tag.

Any other great ideas, please let me know.

GTD with RTM [via lifehack.org]

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Derek Conjar said...

My favorite part of RTM is Gmail integration. When used along with GTDinbox, it's a very powerful combo. I pull my RTM tasks in iCal instead of gCal because it works much better with my iPhone, although I may need to invest in SpanningSync soon.

I was using RTM for GTD but switched temporarily to Nozbe because I was still learning the facets of GTD, and RTM is very complex for new GTDers. I've tried Nozbe, Toodledo, Omnifocus, Daylite, and just about everything else, and have settled with RTM because:

- It allows me to use Gmail as a CRM, project and task manager, e-mail client, and data warehouse.

- It syncs seamlessly with iCal and gCal.

- It is fully-featured with keyboard shortcuts, and keeps it all fairly simple.

The big downside is that mis-tagging can cause you to miss tasks. I just switched back to RTM, so I'm trying to find the best system.

I could tag everything, with @context, p-project, a-next, etc.

I could make lists for the contexts or the action types, and tag the rest. Some people advise using lists for contexts because they are permanent, but that may be a good reason to use a tag, as well. It depends on what's easier to the user. RTM gives you tons of options when setting tasks, and you can easily create smart lists, so the possibilities are endless.

Bookmark the blog on my web site, because I'll be adding an article about this once I get the new system in place.