18 Jan 2007


Normally listen to Radio 4's You and Yours programme on the radio on my way to the gym and yesterday there was a segment on recruitment. Now my business is not in the position to recruit at the moment, but it was interesting to hear how some organisations tackle the problem.

For example the Red Arrows (the RAF's aerobatic team) have a recruitment drive every 12 months - how do they accommodate this with a fixed team number?

Simple, they get rid of their 2 most accomplished pilots. This means that there will always be new blood striving for the top.

It was also discussed that interviews are the worst form of assessment for employees. Some have a two stage event, the first is a night in a pub (where employers get to know the candidates). After this event the cut is made and the sucessful people get to go on a 1 week event after which a decision is made.

Listen again from BBC Radio4 available for 7 days after the programme airs

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