15 May 2007

TextMate & Wordpress

Over the last few days I've been trying to get a wordpress blog on the go - to replace my personal blog. Its been a trial and education setting up my server space with my ISP.

Its all done now though and I like the idea of wordpress. One advantage over the blogger version is that I can write and post my articles from inside TextMate, a package that I've been using more and more over the last few days.

My website needs an overhaul too and I've traditionally used Dreamweaver on my PC to develop these - the WYSIWYG format is good for me. With the mac however, I'm looking around for an application to replace Dreamweaver. Obviuosly I could get Dreamweaver for the mac, but some comments I've heard recently are that its bloated and it creates pages that contain padding. I've decided I ought to know more about HTML & CSS (which will help on the blog too), so I invested in Learn HTML in 24 hours. I'm not that far into it but have discovered that I could use TextMate to develop my pages, or something with a preview function like Coda.

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